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This site is a repository for information for and by ATMs (Amateur Telescope Makers). Over the years, web sites come and web sites go. Often, the owners move on and scrap their old web pages. When that happens, information is lost to the ATM community. To help prevent that from happening, this site was born from a discussion on the ATM list. Sam Michael of id Communications graciously donated this web server and hosts it for free. Several others have donated their time and effort to maintain the site's contents.

In particular Ken Lowther runs two mailing lists on this site. The ATM Swap List is a place to buy, sell, or trade ATM items. The Ray Tracing List is a forum for discussions about optical design using ray tracing.

To the left you will see links to browse all the contributed material in the order it was submitted (so you can see what's changed since the last time you looked), by author, or by keyword.

When navigating around this site, keep in mind that much of the material has been written for inclusion on sites other than this, so the "look and feel" varies significantly. For the same reason, many pages on this site do not have navigation links to get back to this site. You must either use your browser's back button, or open articles in a new window to be able to move around the site.

Contributions to the ATM Site

The real thing that makes this site valuable, however, is people like you. Do you have, or know of, a site on the web that has useful ATM information? Let us know! At the author's discretion we will either make a copy on this site of selected articles and information, or at least provide links to the information. Do you have valuabale ATM information that's not on the Internet? Have you kept it to yourself because you're not sure how to make a web page? It is our hope that those who feel they have something to contribute will do so, without concern for the ability to create a "pretty" document. Let us know! We'd be happy to take your information in whatever form you have it in, and make it into a web page on this site.

No relevant and appropriate article will be refused. Articles may be for novice, intermediate, or expert. As categories develop, they will be added.

Without further ado, here are links to an index of all currently available material, chronologically, by keyword or by author.

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