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Mel Bartels
        The "Next Step" Computerized Dobsonian tracking and Control
Ken Bertapelle
        Dob Balance Spread sheet
        Mirror Cell Design
Serge Bertorello
        La conception du systeme d'entrainement d'un telescope
        Fabriquez un coronographe
        Les correcteurs de champ
        Le miroir plan d'un telescope de Newton
        Construisez votre variateur pour moteur pas pas
David Bevel
        Circuit Board Layout
Jack Borde
        10 Inch Yolo Telescope at Vista Diablo Observatory
Matt Brown
        Parabola Geometry
Jim Burrows
        "Sixtests" Foucault Data Reduction
        TurboCAD, Excel, Lotus Worksheet for Star Laps
Nils Olof Carlin
        Designing and calculating Couder screens for Foucault Testing
        Some thoughts about spiders in Newtonian telescopes
        More Power to Your Barlow!
Dan Chaffee
        Spherometer Design
Don Clement
        Dew Heater Compensating Circuit
Michael J. Coslo
        Notes on the Silvering of Mirrors
Rockett Crawford
        Daisy Gun Sight Modification
Rick Dunna
        "Couder" Foucault Data Reduction
Robert Duval
        Barn Door Tracker
Dale Eason
        Another Comparison of Real Foucault Images of a Telescope Mirror and Simulated Foucault from Interferometric Data
        Comparison of Real Foucault Images of a Telescope Mirror and Simulated Foucault from Interferometric Data
        Quantifying Surface Features visible in a Foucault image
        Foam Pad and flat plate support of thin mirrors in ATM telescopes
        Analysis of David Daviss ultra thin 16 x 3/8 F3.5 plate glass slumped mirror
        Round Robin Mirror Test Interferometery, High Resolution Robo, and Manual Foucault Comparison
David Ek
        Pic Based Digital Setting Circle Project
Olle Eriksson
        Some thoughts about spiders in Newtonian telescopes
Steve Fejes
        Oslo Optimization Part 4: Slider Wheels - Maksutov Newtonian
        Oslo Optimization Part 3: Apochromatic Triplet Design
        Oslo Optimization Part 2: Refractor Doublet
        Oslo Optimization Part 1: Maksutov Cassegrain
        OSLO data entry Catalog Lens
        OSLO data entry part 2: reflectors
        OSLO data entry part 1: Refractors
        How to evaluate an optical design Using Oslo
        Introduction to OSLO optical design software
Jim Fly
        Instructions for Installing Velvet
        Scope Calculator
Force 5
        Poncet platform
Berthold Hamburger
        Making a Tile Tool
David Harbour
        The Winburn Channeled Hex Tile Tool
        Mirror of
Bruce Holbrook
        Building a PVC Focuser
Mark Holm
        The Schiefspiegler (Bulletin A), by Anton Kutter
        Plop Optimized Mirror Cells
        Plop Setup Files
        "FrontSix" Windows front end to Sixtests for multiple Foucault results
        Windows program to lay out mirror cell parts
        Windows Program to Calculate and Print Inverse Ronchi (Mobsby) Gratings for the Mobsby Null Test
        Windows Program to Calculate and Print Couder Masks, uses Carlin's formulas
        Visual Sensitivity
        "The Yolo Reflector" by Arthur Leonard
Thomas Janstrom
        Oslo Sample Files
Ed Jones
        Are Diamonds an ATM's Best Friend?
        Interferometric Testing Using a Modified Offner Null
Mark Kaye
        Making Dew Heaters
        "Brown's Mount"
Dale Keller
        "Newt" Software for designing Newtonian reflector telescopes
Doug Kniffen
        Checking a Laser
        Checking for Focuser Tilt
Steve Koehler
        Milligan Iterferometry
Stan Kohut
        Fiber Glass Tube How To
Tom Krajci
        Many articles by Tom Krajci
Hugues Laroche
        Eluration of Grits Spreadsheet
        Sagitta spreadsheet
        Dob Balancing Spreadsheet
David Lewis
        Star Test Simulator for Windows
        "Plop" Mirror Cell Design
Ken Lilja
        An easy to make Grinding Machine
Paul Lind
        "Trace" Design of Correctors for Astrographs and Visual Telescopes
Mike Lindner
        "Tex" Foucault Data Reduction
Bob Lombardi
        Resource List
Ken Lowther
        ATM Swap 'n' Shop Email List Archives
        Ray Trace Email List Archives
Alan MacRobert
        Beating the Seeing
        Dealing with Dew
        Caring for Optics
Arjan te Marvelde
        Getting Started Buiding Your Scope
Bob May
        "Trace" Design of Correctors for Astrographs and Visual Telescopes
        Mosby Null Testing: Explanation and software
        Hindle Sphere Testing
        "Guide" Uses a Connectix B&W QuickCam to do Autoguiding of a Telescope
        Mirror Making How To
        Dial Makers (HP Laserjet REQUIRED) Sundial Program/Foucault Zone Generator.
Michael McAvoy
        Eye of Newt
Kevin McCarthy
        Schmidt Corrector Mathcad Work Sheet
Bill Milner
        A Wheelchair Accessible Scope
Francis Milsom
        UK Resource List
Ron Muir
        Three Dobsonian Telescopes
James Mulherin
        Mirror Sag vs. Mounting Method - Part 1
John Murray
        Whyalla Group Mirror O Matic Page
Marty Niemi
        "Guide" Uses a Connectix B&W QuickCam to do Autoguiding of a Telescope
Michael Pankratz
        Icarus Scope Design
Mike Peck
        Oslo Sample Files
Tim Poulson
        ATM FAQ
Bill Prewitt
        Online Sagitta Calculator
        Online Field of View Calculator
Donald Qualls
        Sagitta spreadsheet
Ronald L. Ravneberg
        A Scope Like Alice
Jerry Reddell
        Sagitta program
David Rowe
        Bath Interferometer Presentation
        Dual Axis Stepper Drive for Equatorial Mounts
        Corrector Plate Vacuum Pan Spreadsheet
        "Figure" Foucault Data Reduction
Scott Rychnovsky
        Round Robin Mirror Testing
San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers
        How to Build a Dobsonian Telescope
Jim Sapp
        A Home-grown Foundry
        Making Worm Wheels on the Lathe
        Using a Dividing Head
        An Easy to Make, Single-piece Crayford-type Focuser
        An Alternative Primary Baffle Mounting for Cassegrain Telescope
        Lens Glue
Rick Scott
        Oslo Lurie-Houghton Example File
Gary Seronik
        Four Infamous Telescope Myths
Chuck Shaw
        Cylindrical Bearing Equatorial Platform
Eric Shrader
        Pitch Hardness Comparison: Acculap Synthetic vs. Gugolz
Ken Slater
        Designing and calculating Couder screens for Foucault Testing
Peter Smith
        Shearing interferometer
        Zemax Eyepiece Designs File
        Cassegrain Null Test design
        Fluid Null Test design
Richard Snow
        Homemade Anti-dew Heater
Bob P. Sumitro
        Book List
Massimo Tasso
        Optical Formulae for ATMs
Gert Jan Verhoog
        Ronchi Program
Frank Ward
        Why on earth would I make a telescope?
        A Brief History of Telescope Making
Dominic-Luc Webb
        Etching Circuit Boards

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