The Daisy Electronic Gunsite
The Daisy gunsite can be bought at Kmart, Walmart, or at gun dealers for around $14. It makes a great small light unit finder for small telescopes.


Right side view of the Daisy gunsite site after modifications

View of the Daisy gunsite mounted on my 4" Meade SCT

Left side view of the Daisy gunsite

View from the back side with simulated dot

Simulated aiming of the Daisy gunsite

How to convert the Daisy gunsite to astronomical use

1) Remove the silver coating on the inside of the glass lens (the side that faces you when you look through it).

You'll need some muriatic (hydrochloric acid) and some vinegar. The muriatic acid can be found at most any hardware store. Be very careful handling this acid, it is very strong.

Pour a little muriatic acid into a small glass and get a glass pie dish or something for the acid to fall on besides your sink that it won't eat. Hold the Daisy site glass lens downward over your sink and dip a metal spoon that you aren't too fond of into the glass of muriatic acid and drip a few drops into the barrel of the site from the back side. There should be just enough acid to cover the lens and no more. Swish the acid around for a few seconds and dump it out into the glass pie disk or into something safe and expendable.

Immediately rinse the inside of the barrel out with water, being careful not to get water or acid on any other part of the Daisy site.

You'll probably need to do this step over again one more time to get all of the coating off. The lens should be completely clear when you are through.

When you are through, poor a little vinegar into the inside of the barrel and swish it around to remove any acid residue.

2) Connect a tiny 10K potentiometer in series between the battery and one of the LED leads in the Daisy sight to dim the LED light.

You'll need a tiny 10K potentiometer. They come as tiny little square pots with a screw slot for adjustment. Click here to see mine.

Unscrew the screws that are used to adjust the Daisy site and take the base of the unit off. Desoldier one of the battery leads to the LED. Drill a hole for the wires to run out to the tiny pot dimmer that will hang on the outside (or you can glue it down if you wish).

Be careful that you allow room for the base to go back on and funtion correctly when you are through connecting the wires.

Soldier wires to the middle terminal and one of the side terminals of the potentiometer and run the wires through the hole you drilled. Soldier one of the wires to the wire going to the battery that you previously desoldiered. Soldier the other wire from the pot to the lead of the LED that you unsoldiered.

Put the base back on and replace the screws. Important: be sure that the nuts are screwed down all the way where the screws are somewhat hard to turn. This is important because the Daisy Sight will not hold it's adjustment when you align it on your telescope later if you don't.

3) Mount the Daisy Site

Get some double sided tape from Targets in their hardware department. It comes is small rectangles about 2x4". Use this to mount your Daisy sight on your scope being careful that it is close to being aligned so that you can adjust the alignment screws and align it perfectly later.