Boards and Chips for the Digital Setting Circles Project

FAR Circuits sells a custom printed circuit board and programmed PIC16F84 microcontroller chip for Dave Ek's Digital Setting Circles project. The prices are as follows:

PC Board


Programmed PIC16F84 chip


Board and chip ordered together


shipping and handling (per order)


Go to the FAR Circuits web page for ordering information and an order form. For the project description on the order form, use "Dave Ek Digital Setting Circles". (If you look on his web page for a product listing for this board, it's under the Miscellaneous category.)

Instructions for building the project using the custom PC board can be found on my construction page. Please note: FAR Circuits does not provide technical support for this project. They only sell the PC board and chip. Contact me directly with any questions you have regarding construction of the project. Contact FAR Circuits only with questions about ordering the board and chip, or questions about the status of an existing order.

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Last update: 8 Aug 2004