RMS Deformation and Strehl Ratio Calculator

Primary RMS:
Secondary RMS:
Secondary Angle:
Secondary Illuminated Fraction:
Cell RMS:
Combined RMS:
Reference Wavelength:
RMS (Waves):        1/
Strehl Estimate 1:
Strehl Estimate 2:

Primary RMS
Secondary RMS
Secondary Angle
Secondary Illuminated Fraction
Cell RMS
Combined RMS
Reference Wavelength
RMS (Waves)
Strehl Estimate 1
Strehl Estimate 2

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The RMS and Strehl calculator will work in either mm or nM, but not both at once. Plop gives cell RMS deformations in mm. Sixtests gives mirror figure RMS errors in nM. You will have to convert one or the other. Here is a calculator to help.

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