NEW: Mirror cell analysis - does the use of 'wide' or 'large' pads improve mirror support, compared to small points? Not very much. (27 Mar 03)

NEW: Ideas for mirror cells that use only beams, not triangles. (Some cheapskate ATM's may only have bar stock available to make mirror cells.) (27 Mar 03)

NEW: Some ideas on a 12 point mirror cell. Hopefully the ideas can also be applied to cells with other numbers of support points. (13 Dec 02)

A 6 point mirror cell with right-angle collimation motion. Perfect for alt-az scopes. Thanks to Richard Schwartz for the idea! (31 Dec 02)

Flexure analysis of the bottom of a typical rocker box. Do we have a problem here? It depends on how large your scope is, or how accurate you want your pointing to be. New analysis from Tony Owens. (17 Feb 03)

Flexure analysis of monocoque fork arms. What profile/shape should you choose? It depends on the types of forces you must deal with. (30 Dec 02)

Ideas on building a dobsonian, especially dealing with wind, vibration, and proper baffling. (26 Oct 02)

Details on motorizing a 16 inch dobsonian, using molded worm gears, and other simple techniques and materials. (25 Oct 02)

Designing the next telescope - amatuer science on a budget, with simple tools and techniques. (14 Oct 02)

Star laps for glass pushers. Patterns of pitch laps that may help you parabolize or smooth zones. (29 Oct 02)

Cookbook CCD camera temperature regulation circuit design notes and ideas (ADDENDUM) (20 Oct 02)

Notes and links on baffling against stray light in an SCT (25 Mar 01)

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Last updated 29 Nov, 2003