20" Altitude/Azimuth Newtonian

  an adaptation of Mel Bartels' computer drive system  

Winner of the
"Mechanical and Electronic Excellence" award
Okie-Tex Star Party ATM contest October 9, 1999

"...the best clutch system I've seen in the world".
Mel Bartels at 1999 Okie-Tex Star Party presentation on "Computerized Telescopes" referring to the design and installation on this scope

  Software and documentation provided by Mel Bartels.  Motor controller prepared by Pat Sweeney.  Rocker box, ground board, gearmotors, clutch system, altitude/azimuth bearing system,
electronics, electrical system and all the little stuff, designed and built by the Author. 
The optical tube assembly is by Starmaster and the primary mirror is from Pegasus.





20" MCB1 Scope with Bartels drive system Mel Bartels and Ron Muir ( L to R)
at '99 Okie-Tex Star Party. 

  Black Mesa area/Kenton, Oklahoma


Driveside.jpg (34308 bytes)  



Altitude Gearmotor - center
Clutch motor - left of center

Voltage regulator heat sink - low left center

Azimuth gearmotor - Center left
Clutch motor - upper right
Limit switch enclosure - center

Encoder and mount - bottom center


Batteryside.jpg (114455 bytes)

  RboxWiring.jpg (50142 bytes)

Encoder and mount
Deep cycle 45 amp hour battery
3 amp/24 volt DC/DC converter

Azimuth Gearmotor and clutch motor - upper left
Stepper motor controller - upper right

Clutch limit switches and Azimuth encoder - center
Battery-lower left / Terminal box w/control panel, fuses & encoder interface-lower center


ComputerBox.jpg (269329 bytes)   telescope  

ScopeProfile.jpg (62949 bytes)

Computer work station
486/50 laptop on sliding shelf
Doors open into work tables

- - - Cheeeeese - - -
Grandson - Matthew - 2yrs -9 mos.

Profile of transport wheels and
computer work station


UpperCage.jpg (94806 bytes)


AzPlateBox.jpg (142341 bytes)


GrndBoardSys.jpg (28106 bytes)

Upper cage - Telerad
Focuser -Control pad

Clutch control switch

Azimuth bearing plate - 3/16" 6160 aluminum.  Teflon center support.
Aluminum ring cut with water jet

Ground board with 3/16" 6160 Aluminum azimuth drive surface.
Sealed ground board cavity


LegSystem.jpg (19307 bytes)   wpe10.gif (241547 bytes)

Variable height leg system with dual bearings and  adjustable brakes


Laminated plywood Altitude side bearings with
3/16" 6160 Aluminum bearing/drive surface


AltMtrParts.jpg (116926 bytes)


GearMtrMtng.jpg (19749 bytes)


AltGearMtr.jpg (58604 bytes)

Altitude Gearmotor - W.M. Berg sprockets and zero backlash chain belts  

Altitude Gearmotor
Teflon mounting pads
Drive roller


Altitude Gearmotor assembly
Vexta Stepper Motors
1.8deg/step1 amp - 5.7 Volt


AzAssembly.jpg (44027 bytes)


SprocketSys.jpg (19328 bytes)


AzGearMtr.jpg (68524 bytes)

Azimuth gearmotor - sprocket assembly
Bottom plate inside view
52:1 gear reduction


Sprocket assembly - Same configuration on both Altitude and Azimuth gearboxes


Azimuth Gearmotor w/clutch drive attachment (middle right) Vexta stepper motor


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