22" Altitude/Azimuth Newtonian


  MCB3 long view  
  blue ball  Nominal Specifications blue ball   
  blue ball  Primary Mirror - 22 inch diameter, 2 inch thickness by Swayze Optical.  F/R 4.5, focal length 100.25:  Recently recoated by Spectrum.
blue ball  Primary mirror has a 5/8 X 1" chip area on edge of reflecting surface. 
blue ball  Mirror Cell - 18 point sling type
blue ball  Secondary diagonal - 3 1/2" Astro Systems
blue ball  Secondary spider - Astro Systems
blue ball  Focuser - JMI DX-2
blue ball  Total weight - 195 lbs.
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  Rocker box  
  Rocker Box assembly with bearings/braking mechanism  

  Ground board installed on rocker box
 - note adjustable legs


Rocker box  

  Mirror box  
  Low profile Mirror Box - Mirror Cell swings down for access to primary  

  Mirror Cell   18 point sling type mirror cell

PLOP calculated 1/369 RMS

Upper Cage Tubes Cage with accessories and extended light baffle

Truss tubes and hardware

Upper Cage Tubes

  Nested components Nested Components

Transport Wheels

Carry Bags and Components

Construction Information

Blue ball  All wood components (except the focuser board) are “1/2” inch Baltic or Russian birch.
Many structural components have two layers laminated to provide necessary rigidity. 
Blue ball  Rocker box, mirror box and upper cage wood exterior surfaces have hi-grade wood-on-wood white oak laminate. 
Blue ball  Trunions have Formica material laminated on both sides to provide protection and durability.
Blue ball  All wood surfaces fully sealed and varnished with multiple coats of gloss polyurethane varnish


Blue ball  No tools are required for setup.  All attachment points are twist tightened with four prong, black plastic knobs.  All hardware is "captured" to avoid any loose parts during setup and teardown.
Blue ball  Designed to be fully mechanically and optically aligned.  Ready for digital setting circles installation.


Blue ball  Low profile Ground Board to keep eyepiece as low as possible
Blue ball  Sized to provide wide, stable foot print
Blue ball  Ball bearings (1/2 X 1 1/2") installed at all three azimuth contact points
Blue ball  Azimuth pivot bolt head is taped with set screw installed ready for encoder installation
Blue ball  Teflon “brakes” installed on two of the three azimuth bearings
Blue ball  Each leg has height adjustable foot with 1" travel


Blue ball  Low profile Rocker Box to reduce weight and eyepiece height
Blue ball  Sized to provide stability and pointing accuracy
Blue ball  Ball bearings installed on all elevation contact points (2 each trunion, 4 total)
Blue ball  Teflon fully adjustable “brakes” on each bearing to provide controlled smooth operation
Blue ball  Internal, adjustable altitude travel limiter


Blue ball  Low profile Mirror Box to reduce weight and increase handling ease
Blue ball  Shutter is made from lightweight and durable ABS plastic.
Blue ball  Large trunions provide extra smooth movement
Blue ball  Each trunion has aluminum inlay insuring long lasting and smooth bearing surface
Blue ball  Trunion bearing surface recessed to control lateral box movement
Blue ball  Trunions sides have laminated Formica for protection and appearance
Blue ball  Trunion pivot points have bushings and set screws ready for encoder and/or console installation
Blue ball  Truss tube clamp blocks machined from maple hardwood
Blue ball  All truss tube clamping hardware is “captured” to prevent loose parts
Blue ball  Tightening knob style and size uniform throughout mirror box and telescope in general
Blue ball  Mirror box sized to provide ample cooling air flow for the primary
Blue ball  All corners are solid oak with “tongue and groove” construction for rigidity
Blue ball  Mirror cell has welded steel frame with aluminum support triangles and lateral primary controls
Blue ball  Mirror cell is hinged for easy primary mirror removal and installation ('tailgate design")
Blue ball  Mirror cell  is rated at 1/369 RMS, using the PLOP calculation


Blue ball  Astro Systems four vane spider
Blue ball  Cage and Spider are pre-wired for diagonal heater installation
Blue ball  Astro Systems 3 inch diagonal mirror
Blue ball  Astro Systems diagonal holder
Blue ball  Upper light baffle with storage bag 
Blue ball  JMI DX-2 Focuser (2” travel)
Blue ball  Rear access panel to focuser board cavity
Blue ball  Telrad base installed

  Blue ball  Aluminum 6063 T3, 1 OD .058 wall tubing
Blue ball  Upper mounting brackets machined from inch extruded angle stock
Blue ball  All screw mounting hardware is all “captured” to avoid any loose parts
Blue ball  Tightening knob style and size uniform throughout
Blue ball  Optical tube Spandex shroud with storage bag
Blue ball  Truss tube storage bag with four separate compartments

Blue ball  Solid Oak, 1"W X 2 "H X 80"L with contoured lift points
Blue ball  Installation and removal with four spike knob threaded fasteners
Blue ball  Knob style and size uniform throughout entire telescope package
Blue ball  Transport wheels have ball bearing hubs and 4.10 X 4 pneumatic tires on 3/4" axles


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