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I am a hobbyist telescope builder and active amateur astronomer.  I built all of these telescopes in the last six years, or so, for my own personal use.  In order for me to keep proper records for each one I named them Muir Custom Build 1, 2 and 3. 

Two of the scopes (MCB 1 & 2) are motorized and computer controlled:  The Gear Boxes are my design and construction, as is the clutching system.  All three scopes have ball bearings at all altitude and azimuth contact points.

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M C B 1
  ronscope.jpg (10200 bytes)The MCB1 is the first construction effort . The project was one of discovery and a test bed for several features I could not find on commercially available telescopes.  This scope incorporates an adaptation of Mel Bartels motorized drive system and utilizes a Starmaster/Pegasus Optics 20" f 4.3 optical tube    The Picture Gallery shows most of the mechanical and electrical components.  
M C B 2
  Telescope MCB2This scope incorporates the knowledge and experience gained from the construction of the MCB1.  All mechanical and most electrical components are located inside the rocker box to provide needed protection and to streamline the overall esthetic quality. This scope is based on a 22" f 4.5 Pegasus Optics primary mirror, a Sky Commander/Sky Tracker drive and control system plus some pretty involved electrics (at least for me).  The internal optical/mechanical alignment (orthogonality) is correct and the pointing accuracy is superb.  A Picture Gallery is enclosed.  
M C B 3
  Telescope MCB3The MCB3 scope is the newest, updated version of MCB2 without the electronics and drive system.  It has a 22" f 4.5 Swayze Optical primary mirror and incorporates all the techniques and features I have developed and proven out over time, along with a few new ideas.  The Mirror Box/Rocker Box profile has been lowered compared to MCB2.  The Altitude ball bearings are now larger and mounted internally to further streamline the appearance and improve performance.  The Picture Gallery provides a detailed look at the design and construction.  
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