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7.0 Pronunciation guide

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This is by no means complete nor authoritative. This list was taken from a discussion on the ATM list in the September 1996 timeframe.
     Name      Suggested pronunciation
     Camichel      ka-mee-SHELL
     Couder      coo-day
     Cretien      cree-shen
     Foucault      foo-COH
     Fresnel      FREH-nell
     Millies-Lacroix      MEEL-lee-ace La-crwah
     Ronchi      RONG-kee
     Texereau      tex-uh-row

Just remember, as one message on the ATM list said

"Turning slightly serious for a minute, I think it is an indictment of our attitudes when people are put off using a word for fear of embarrassment resulting from mispronunciation. I'd rather be shown the Ron-chee test by someone who knows how to use and interpret it than be shown the Ron-kee test by someone who doesn't."

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