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Interferometry and Fringe Analysis


Motivation for Amateur Interferometry

Basic Principles of Interferometry

Common Interferometer Types

Spherical Wave Twyman-Green Interferometer

Spherical-Wave Fizeau Interferometer

Bath Interferometer (K-L Bath, 1972)

Bath Interferometer -- Reference Beam

Bath Interferometer -- Test Beam

Bath Interferometer -- Interference

Bath Interferometer -- Implementation (1)

Bath Interferometer -- Implementation (2)

Bath Interferometer -- Typical Interferogram

Astigmatism in the Bath Interferometer

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FringeXP – Defining the Pupil

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FringeXP – Tracing Fringes

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Fringe Spacing

Calculating Zernike Coefficients

Zernike Functions

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FringeXP – Viewing and Selecting Zernikes

FringeXP – Mirror Analysis

Artificial Nulling

Sources of Error

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Mirrors Can Have Significant Asymmetric Structure

Imperfections at the Eyepiece

Topics for Further Study

Resources -- Materials

Resources -- Information

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Author: David Rowe